Our Services

Since the SLA development team began working together in 1991, many changes in the Wireless Industry. Initially, our work consisted solely in development of Embedded Hardware and Software for Military Wireless Systems. As military business dissipated at the end of the Cold War, our customers sought new opportunities in the Commercial Wireless Industry. This effort coincided perfectly, and perhaps was the greatest contribution to the rapid growth of the 'Cellular' era. Together with our customers, the SLA team developed High Power Cellular Infrastructure equipment. Initially AMPS and ETACS Analog Base Stations and Switching Systems, and then IS-136 Digital Systems. Eventually, we switched to the CDMA Camp, developing the first Commercial CDMA 1xEVDO Infrastructure system.

These days, our work is equally split between Wireless Infrastructure and Wireless Handset equipment. Whether BREW, J2ME or Native, SLA's team has the experience to bring your ideas to market. The breadth of Handset products we have developed spans from Productivity to Wireless Gaming. Bring us your ideas, and we'll make you successful too!

Areas of Expertise Include

● Embedded Software Engineering
● Digital Hardware Engineering
● Radio Frequency (RF) Hardware Engineering
● System Architecture
● Software Code Review
● Software Test Engineering
● Hardware Test Engineering
● Product Specification
● Proposal Writing
● IT Support
● Software Standards Development
● Standardization Recommendations and Implementation

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